Choose a trigger word that will help you relax, such as “peace” or “relaxation”. Mentally repeat it after each deep breath.

Find a setting (affirmation) or positive suggestion, which you can silently repeat to yourself. Start developing your inner voice with the trainer’s suggestion: “My voice is now becoming calm, confident and encouraging”.

Think of a soothing setting: for example, as you lie on the beach or sit in the garden. If you cannot yet think of a good image, just imagine  a soothing, shapeless cloud enveloping you.

Finally, think about your body, think of it as if it is divided into three sections, which you in turn relax:

  1. Feet, legs and waist.
  2. Chest, back, arms
  3. Head and neck.
Self-hypnosis technique
  1. Start with a deep breath, allowing your eyelids to close. Pause to tune in and focus on your breathing. Clear your mind and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 10-15 seconds. With a sigh, repeat to yourself your trigger word until your whole body relaxes. Let your breathing return to normal for a few moments while you relax your body.
  1. Inhale again in the same way. Deeper, relax your lower body from waist to your feet, while saying the trigger word aloud as you breathe out.
  1. Take another deep breath, as you exhale deeply, relax your chest, back and arms.
  1. As you exhale deeply, relax your head, neck, and face.
  2. Finally, in order to detect any remaining tension, as you exhale, relax the whole body even further. If you want, imagine how you can get rid of emotional and intellectual tension with the help of breathing.
  1. Smile softly – note how your relaxation increases when you smile to yourself.
  1. Wait a few minutes to let your breathing return to normal, and let your mind become empty, calm and quiet. Examine your body to find any places where tension is stored or to which the tension has returned. Imagine this process to be like coloured smoke being quickly blown away by a soothing wind. Smile to yourself again.
  1. Imagine yourself at the top of a 10-step staircase, at the foot of which is your relaxation place. Slowly go down the stairs, counting backwards from ten on each step. Imagine yourself plunging deeper and deeper into a beautiful state of hypnosis with each step.
  1. Going down the stairs, imagine arriving at your place of relaxation. Wait a few minutes to get a sense of the place, pay attention to the colours and shapes of what you see, and any sounds you hear. Allow yourself to fully surrender to this feeling and enjoy the pleasant sensation of physical relaxation and mental peace. Smile softly to yourself again.
  1. Slowly repeat your affirmation to yourself until it consolidates. Remember that you are aware of the tone of your imaginary voice, that you are sure of what you are saying, and that the voice sounds correct. At the end, take time to calm down and enjoy the sensations of peace, relaxation and confidence that affirmation has given you.
  1. Imagine yourself in your target situation. Imagine that it is happening right now and visualize yourself in this scene — take all your relaxation and peace into it, repeating your affirmation to yourself. Do this for 30 seconds. Try to keep your positive presentation constantly increasing while you are in this scene. Imagine that you are dealing with this situation more effectively… Let the scene evolve. Repeat point 11 (or paragraphs 10-11). Repeat this sequence five times. Finish by repeating your affirmation five times, smiling to yourself, and firmly keeping faith in its truthfulness.
  1. When ready, count from one to five to wake up. Open your eyes, shake your arms and legs. The whole process usually takes 10-15 minutes.